The GOP's 2016 nominee should go on offense on abortion

Even more enticingly, there are three constituencies that are open to an anti-abortion message. Hispanics are more likely than the general U.S. population to support making abortion illegal. Women are more likely to say they are pro-choice according to the latest Gallup polling, but these things fluctuate and it certainly hasn’t always been the case: as recently as 2012, Gallup showed more women identifying as pro-life. And millennials are far more amenable to the pro-life message than one might think.

These constituencies are crucial for the Democratic coalition. These are also less receptive to the GOP’s economic message than white working and lower-middle-class men, who are typically the GOP’s “kitchen table issues” voters.

You really don’t have to be a grandmaster at political chess to see the obvious move. These are constituencies that the Democrats want and that the GOP needs. These are constituencies that are receptive to the GOP’s pro-life message. So maybe the GOP should aim a pro-life message at them? Sometimes this politics stuff really is not that hard.