"Rand Paul is Ron Paul 2.0: Same algorithms, better user interface"

“Rand Paul is Ron Paul 2.0: Same algorithms, better user interface. His principals are very much intact, he’s just better at articulating them,” Massie said in a recent interview.
Massie was on hand for Paul’s kick off several weeks ago in Louisville, Kentucky, and has told the senator he’ll do whatever he can to assist Paul’s campaign.
But in Washington, Massie is an outlier. Despite the formal launch of the 2016 cycle, many Republicans on Capitol Hill have adopted a wait-and-see approach to official endorsements — even the die-hard libertarian or libertarian-influenced ones who consider themselves aligned with Paul ideologically, even if they’ve done work for or with the candidates…

There are, of course, two other senators running for president — and one, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, shares a similar base of support on Capitol Hill with Paul. He too has been looking for endorsements among House Republicans. Six House GOPers told BuzzFeed News that they’d received calls directly from Cruz about an endorsement, in addition to hearing from other Republicans likely to jump into the field. (His chief of staff also recently sent letters to members asking them to say supportive things in public about Cruz.) Many of those not yet committed but who are leaning towards Paul, described Cruz as their likely second choice.