Kirsten Gillibrand: I hope Rolling Stone's UVA rape hoax story puts more of a spotlight on the problem"

Gillibrand was asked, “in terms of the exposés and the articles — and Rolling Stone is — what’s your opinion — all that coverage, is it helping, is it hurting? Just speak to that.”

Gillibrand stated, “Well, I hope it’s just putting more of a spotlight on the problem. I hope it’s not undermining our advocacy. Because this is important, these are lives of women and men, young lives that are being destroyed and ruined because there is no justice if you are a survivor of rape. Whether it’s the criminal justice system, or whether it’s a campus adjudication process. And it’s very problematic when we are not valuing our daughters, and we are not valuing our sons when these incidents happen. We have to hold perpetrators accountable.”

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