Poll: The very slow -- but steady -- growth in acceptance for Obamacare

Most Americans are no longer calling for the law to be repealed. In this week’s poll, 41% would repeal the ACA, but more would keep or expand it. For most of this year this has been the case, with support for expansion or retention outstripping any demand for repeal.

More and more Americans are realizing that health coverage has been extended to more people because of the implementation of Obamacare. More have coverage now than say they did for 2013, and this week 61%, among the highest figures ever believe the number of people with health coverage has increased in the last 12 months. Republicans have been the last group to accept that there has been an increase in coverage: as recently as this January only one in four Republicans thought more people had become covered. Now that percentage has risen to 43%.

There is one negative perception: half the public believes that most insurance premiums have risen more because of Obamacare than they would have under ordinary circumstances.

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