GOP field takes aim at Hillary's "everyday American" message

“The Scooby-Doo van? No, I probably won’t do that,” Bush said. “But I will connect with people. I’ll be open, I’ll be vulnerable — campaign amongst people.”

He added, “This first couple of weeks of the Hillary Clinton campaign looks a little contrived to me.”

The Republican game plan in 2016 will hinge in no small part on hammering that perception of Clinton as ensconced in a bubble of privilege developed over decades in the public eye.

“There are certainly more candidates on our side who relate to the average American than Hillary Clinton,” said one aide to a likely Republican candidate for president. “It’s fairly obvious that her aides are trying to remake her into a relatable person, and good luck with that.”

Indeed, some campaigns think the perception of Clinton as being out of touch is already so baked in with voters that they do not need to underscore it.

“I don’t think a plan to state what is obvious to everyone is needed,” said Sen. Ted Cruz’s spokesman, Rick Tyler. “It’s the same Hillary trying to convince everyone that she’s not who she is.”

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