For Hillary Clinton, no war but the class war

Since it’s imperative for the political press to find out exactly how a Marco Rubio or Rick Perry – and, no doubt, all prospective Republican presidential candidates – would deal with a theoretical invitation to a gay wedding or what their thoughts on macroevolutionary theory is, I imagine the press will be scurrying to find out exactly what Hillary meant by her “topple” comment.

After all, the one percent includes anyone making around $350,000 a year – or, as Hillary might put it, one speaking engagement. We’re talking about business owners, entrepreneurs and folks living off their investments. We’re talking about some people who earned their money legally, productively and perhaps even create jobs and make life better for other Americans.  Some of those who have “disproportionately” benefitted from the economy may even have worked harder. The Democratic Party believes technocrats have the moral authority to decree who deserves to benefit from growth, but few will actually talk about knocking off. So good for Hillary.