Doors opened for Hillary when her husband became governor. How does that make her a feminist hero?

The most that can be said about her “accomplishments” was that she “achieved” them by being married to Bill. That’s not exactly the feminist way of being your own, empowered woman.

And if you look at how she acted during her career, there’s not much for feminists to be excited about.

I mentioned earlier how she attacked the women Bill cheated on her with, which in today’s society where we must always believe the victim is a huge no-no.

And beyond that, she is now speaking out against the gender wage gap when she had her own wage gap while she was a U.S. senator.

Feminists will have to hold their noses in order to vote for Hillary (which they’ll do, of course, lest there be an evil Republican man in the White House), unless they completely let go of their principles.