In Walker flap, the 'meta-media' coaches politicians to be more opaque

Walker has been surging, as expected, in the early stages of the 2016 Republican presidential race. This surge has justly brought more media scrutiny upon him. There’s plenty to ask Walker about: What would he do about Obamacare? Were his battles against the unions really just about rewarding corporate donors? What about the time Walker appointed an apparently underqualified 27-year-old to a top state job, when that appointee’s father happened to be a top donor and a corporate lobbyist?

Nope. Our political press has been too busy asking him about evolution and President Obama’s patriotism and religion. Walker understands that no real person actually cares what he thinks about these things. Accordingly, he’s tried to avoid talking about them. He’s been clumsy in trying to brush the questions aside, and now his artless dodges are the biggest story in political news.

When two Washington Post reporters asked Walker if Obama is a Christian, he responded by pointing out it was an odd question — first because it involves mind-reading, and second because it bears no relevance on being governor or president.