This Giuliani bid for relevance is pathetic

But then this is somebody who thought he could run for President himself, not only run but win, as somebody who would keep us safe from terrorists, though he did nothing of the kind when he was mayor. Giuliani became as famous as he did because of what happened after they blew up two of our buildings and killed nearly 3,000 people.

We didn’t even get that mayor last week, once he started to run his mouth the way he did about the President. He sounded more like the Mayor Giuliani that the city is supposed to forget and that he probably wants to forget, the one who had managed to turn his second term into a Dumpster fire before the planes hit on Sept. 11.

Somehow the guy keeps digging, though, refusing to apologize, perhaps thinking that would make an old tough guy look weak. So Giuliani weakly questions President Obama’s patriotism, having decided he is some kind of expert about who loves this country all this time after the country didn’t love him.