Liberals' attacks on Scott Walker reek of flopsweat

This level of patent desperation would be sad if it weren’t being wielded by such despicable people. The political party that harbored massive numbers of 9/11 truthers – i.e., people who accused Bush of Cheney of being guilty of killing thousands of American people on purpose – does not get to lecture Republicans on confronting extremist rhetoric, not with a straight face. Especially not when the rhetoric in question isn’t “I think Obama killed thousands of Americans on purpose just so he could lead us into war,” but rather “I don’t think Obama was raised to love America as much as other people in this country were.” At least arguably, this statement might be damaging to Walker if he had made it himself, but the idea that it will be damaging to Walker that Giuliani said it, and that Walker didn’t condemn him forcefully enough, is an argument so facially laughable that only the truly desperate would attempt to peddle it.

Unless the Democrats have some different bullets in the chamber, the next two years will be very long for them indeed, if Walker gets the nomination.