Obama's narcissism reflects our own

What our politicians assert is reasonable and just are generally what the polls tell them we think is reasonable and just.

President Obama and his far-Left allies may be genuinely far afield of public opinion on almost every major issue, but he keeps getting elected despite this, and that is our own damn fault. That so many in the electorate either don’t know or don’t care that Obama voted to protect people who kill babies delivered alive is a genuine moral problem with us as a people. And that’s no excuse for blame-shifting or attempting to “otherize” the “bad people.” We’re all bad. We all participate in and perpetuate this situation.

A portion of the blame for traces directly back to the “you do you” attitude. Americans have grown unwilling to tell or hint to family and neighbors when they’re not living up to the best possibilities open to them, or making choices that create a better future for us all. “You do you,” we imply or forthrightly chorus when confronted with friends who live on borrowed money, couples who delayed childbearing to near physical impossibility so decide to destroy a few embryos for the sake of snatching lost time, or bums who won’t get out of mom and dad’s basement. “You do you” we nod along with TV personalities when they celebrate Bruce Jenner’s psychological confusion. “You do you” we imply when friends run through a series of live-in boyfriends and moan to us about why they can’t ever get a man to commit, while we never drop a hint about why that might be. “You do you” we tell high school students (and their parents) aiming for college, when tech school or an apprenticeship would be a wiser choice.