Marco Rubio: Pass Homeland Security bill without immigration provisions; Update: Rubio denies

Update (Ed): Marco Rubio’s office denies this report, and sent me this statement:

“Senator Rubio does not support shutting down DHS. But he does support stopping the new executive order on immigration and is willing to support any approach we could get passed to stop it. But the President had made clear he will veto any effort to stop his unconstitutional order. And Senate Democrats have made clear they will not even end there filibuster on the DHS funding bill. The result will be a DHS shutdown which would be harmful to our national security.

“The answer is not for Republicans to surrender and pass a clean funding bill. The answer is for the President and Senate Democrats to abandon the executive order and cooperate in passing a series of immigration bills beginning with real border security.”

Original excerpt below.

The possible Republican presidential candidate said national security is too important to hold up funding, although he disagrees with Obama’s moves to go around Congress to halt deportations of up to 5 million undocumented immigrants.

“We have to fund Homeland Security,” Rubio told reporters during a brief news conference. “We can’t let Homeland Security shut down.”

Rubio, who is from Florida, noted that Obama has threatened to veto any bill that would reverse his executive actions on immigration, including the measure to pay for Homeland Security. Also, the Senate doesn’t have enough votes to pass the bill that ties the two issues together, Rubio said.