Axelrod quips irritate Hillaryland

In a radio podcast with Politico’s Glenn Thrush, he said Clinton’s paid six-figure speeches may have hurt her chances in 2016 and that he would have advised her to take a different approach.

Even his book reveals what Axelrod wrote to Obama in a memo about Clinton before the two went head-to-head in the grueling 2008 Democratic primary.

“…For all her advantages, she is not a healing figure,” Axelrod wrote in a 12-page strategic memo to Obama in late 2006, “The more she tries to moderate her image, the more she…compounds her exposure as an opportunist.”

It’s not as though Axelrod is a stranger to Clinton. The two have known each other for well over a decade. She had spoken at Axelrod’s first annual fundraising dinner for CURE, the epilepsy charity he launched with his wife, Susan. Clinton also thanked Axelrod in the acknowledgements of her tome ‘Living History.’ But tensions between the two rose during the 2008 Democratic primary.