Where are the riots over ISIS?

Think about it: what could be a greater insult to Islam than to put up a state, call it the Islamic state, and then perform every form of barbaric butchery, every crime against humanity, and every form of evil you could possibly imagine? The existence and naming of the Islamic State should be the greatest libel of Islam anyone has perpetrated in this century.

These savages in charge of the Islamic State are acting more like wild animals than people, and they drape themselves in the shahada, the Islamic statement of faith, going as far as to put it on their flag. They are doing everything they can to associate their crimes with Islam. And yet the Islamic Street is silent.

What can we conclude? That Muslims worldwide believe the behavior of the Islamic State is neither an insult to, nor is it incompatible with, a statement of Islamic faith? That every form of torture and murder committed by the Islamic State is Islamic, even?