Like Scott Walker, 68 percent of Americans don't have a bachelor's degree

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has come under fire from Democrats for not finishing his bachelor’s degree while attending Marquette University in the 1980s. Democrats might think the attacks are a surefire way to make Walker look uneducated as he ramps up for a potential 2016 presidential bid, but the attacks may alienate more people than they win over.

Sixty-eight percent of Americans ages 25 or older do not have a bachelor’s degree. That’s 142 million potential voters who might be offended by attacks on Walker’s educational status. Attacking Walker for not having a degree is basically telling 68 percent of Americans they’re unqualified to be president.

Furthermore, Walker still has more education than nearly two-thirds of the country. He amassed college credits equivalent to three-quarters of a bachelor’s degree during his time at Marquette. Only 37 percent of Americans over age 25 have at least three years of college education.