When is it smart to lose in pro sports?

For a marquee team like the Maple Leafs, even the chance to draft a player like McDavid would be a dream come true for fans. However, there are four teams in between Toronto and the bottom of the NHL standings. So, if the Leafs are going to put themselves in the best possible position to grab McDavid they need to get bad. Really bad – and quickly.

Now the Maple Leafs’ brass faces a difficult choice: should they pursue the tank job?. Before the league’s March 2 trade deadline, the team may try to cast off as many high-priced parts as possible in an effort to shed salary cap space and accumulate draft picks, according to the Globe and Mail.

Tanking is nothing new in sports like hockey, basketball, or football; one franchise-player can make all the difference to a team. But the temptation to get ahold of tomorrow’s best players can often times get in the way: For every Kobe Bryant there are dozens of Adam Morrison’s.