I don’t care whether the president believes in evolution and neither should you

So after one of the best think tanks in the world asks this pointless question, Reuters takes it even further and lets a Democratic functionary get a dig in as some sort of mandated balance:

In a statement, Democratic National Committee spokeswoman Holly Shulman said, “All Walker showed today was the same ducking and dodging Wisconsinites know all too well, and that we’ve come to expect from the 2016 GOP field, whose policy positions are just too divisive to share.”

What “policy positions” are there connected to Walker’s attitude toward evolution? Is he going to launch the sentinel project and try to hunt down the X-Men? Yes, I know, there’s this fear that a Republican presidential administration will go mucking around with federal education standards. Well, news flash: We’re going to have a Republican president again someday, no matter how much some may loathe the idea. Rather than worrying about how a president’s personal scientific beliefs may influence government policy, let’s divorce those policies from the government in places where they are unnecessary. You know what will help: school choice. Rather than worrying about what the president believes, let parents find schools that share their educational outlooks.