A handful of cheese dust

Hey, Michelle Antoinette: Shunning convenience foods is easy when you’ve got a taxpayer-subsidized cooking staff whipping up four-course feasts every night. Those boxed meals you spit upon are affordable and easy to store, and last a long time. For someone who pretends to be sympathetic to working-class and middle-class families, Her Royal Highness sure has a funny way of showing it.
But the faux populist narrative must be spoon-fed to the masses. Cooking Light’s editor marveled at how “real” Mrs. Obama is and how genuinely “personal” her government health crusade is. Yahoo News similarly gushed over the nation’s enlightened “family meal champion” and touted the fifth anniversary of her “pivotal” Let’s Move initiative.

Message from sycophantic foodie and women’s magazines: Michelle Obama is just like you and me! She’s an ordinary mom who cares!

Except she’s not.