Two Bosnian immigrants accused of sending Social Security checks to ISIS

Throughout the couple’s financial turmoil and Jasminka’s alleged shift toward conspiratorial criminality, the 42-year-old woman continued to get her monthly $579 Social Security disability check, which was listed as her sole source of income on the couple’s 2011 Chapter 7 paperwork. Fadil, a 12-year employee of a local water company at the time of the bankruptcy filing, listed a little more than $42,000 as his annual income. But that only tells part of the story.

When the couple filed for bankruptcy, Fadil had just $200 in his checking account, and was bringing in just $365 more than his monthly expenses. Money was incredibly tight in the Ramic household, which is why the $700 Jasminka allegedly sent through contacts in St. Louis to extremists a half a world away could have been better spent on the couple’s bill.

That $700 would be a small amount for many, if authorities are correct in proving Jasminka’s supposed involvement. But for Jasminka and Fadil it was a fortune.