The booming business of U.S. birth tourism

For some Chinese mothers, traveling to the U.S. to give birth allows them to bypass China’s one-child policy, CNN Money notes. Not every couple can have more than one child in China, despite an easing of the rules. It noted that one woman, a hairstylist named Miao Yu, spent $30,000 to give birth to her second child in the U.S.
The practice allows those children to claim American citizenship, which could provide Chinese families an escape route in case of unrest. It’s more likely that the families are hoping to provide their children with opportunities, such as the visa-free entry to dozens of countries that an American passport provides. China Central Television undertook a “person on the street” survey and found that one-third had considered or will consider giving birth in another country, Foreign Policy noted.

The idea of giving birth in the U.S. even inspired a recent movie hit, with “Finding Mr. Right” following the fortunes of a pregnant unmarried Chinese woman who travels to Seattle to give birth and avoid the shame of an out-of-wedlock birth in her native country.