"The problem with Obama making this statement is that he doesn’t make the follow-up statement that I always do"

Maher then said that ISIS creates a bit of a conundrum for him because he usually supports letting the Arab world take care of its own problems, but when sees their actions, he wants to “smoke these motherf*ckers,” and expressed frustration at Arab countries for not putting boots on the ground.

The panel then diverted onto the US’ foreign policy, but then went back to Islam in general when Williamson said that US foreign policy conversations were “treating the symptom, and not the cause.” Maher shot back, “no, the cause is Islam.” Williamson said that there were multiple causes to Islamic terrorism, including the Iraq War, Holmes and McCormack pointed out that the September 11th terrorist attacks pre-date the Iraq War, and Maher stated “if we had never done that [the Iraq War]…there’d still be millions of people who believe you deserve to die if you elope with the wrong person, draw the wrong cartoon, leave the religion.” Williamson then argued that in addition to being horrified over the murder of the Jordanian pilot, Americans should be horrified by the Iraq War.

Holmes responded “There’s a big problem, there’s a huge problem, as we saw this week, when, what we all regard as a barbaric organization puts on Jumbotrons in Syria the video of this young man being burnt and the townspeople are clapping and cheering, we have a huge problem here.” Maher concluded the discussion by declaring “it’s not a few bad apples.”