Here are the GOP's options to end the immigration stalemate. None of them are good.

If Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has a plan, he isn’t sharing it with his members, much less the public. Sen. John Thune, McConnell’s number three, said Thursday that his party’s strategy had “yet to be determined” and called it “a work in progress,” while Sen. Jeff Flake said simply: “We don’t know yet.”

Even House Speaker John Boehner, who will have to push his members to pass whatever the majority leader comes up with, hasn’t been clued in on a plan. When asked whether he knows what McConnell’s endgame is, Speaker Boehner paused for a moment before simply saying with a smile, “No.”

“Listen, he’s got a tough job over there,” Boehner cracked. “God bless him and good luck.”

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