Does the future hold an all-in-one uber-gadget?

Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest minds in history, did a lot of great things for mankind. One of his possibly greatest achievements never saw the light of day. He designed and developed the Wardenclyffe Tower, which, according to him, was created to eventually wirelessly transmit free electricity over vast distances. Could this have eliminated the need for multiple charging cables and charging plugs for all of your portable devices?

On the flip side, technology advances have allowed for a plethora of additional devices available for us to use. We now have Google Glass, smart watches, smart rings, protective cell phone cases with built in photo printers and projection smart bracelets, where the phone screen is projected onto an arm and is used by hand and finger gestures.

We have gadgets to help people become more fit, such as fitness bands, and running shoe smart sensors that are synced to an app track distance and pace. Bluetooth heart rate monitors allow for real-time heart monitoring, and smart posture devices strapped around the mid-section detect slumping and send alerts via a mobile phone.

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