The tricky but not impossible electoral math of a Bush/Rubio ticket

The GOP ticket would have 256 votes pre-Florida. So, 15 of Florida’s electors vote Bush-[BLANK] or Bush-Ryan, it doesn’t matter. the other 14 of Florida’s electors vote [BLANK]-Rubio, or Boehner-Rubio, it doesn’t matter. Bush would walk away with 271 electoral votes for President, and Rubio would have 270 for VP. Victory.

Here’s one way of putting it: A Bush-Rubio ticket would need to “win” 285 electoral votes in order to win in the Electoral College. The generalized way of putting it: if both members of a ticket are from the same state and they win their home state, their Election Day margin of victory must be equal to their state’s electors, divided by two.