Video: Scott Walker squirms on immigration

Walker was careful to keep his answer vague, saying we “for sure need to secure the border” and “enforce the legal system,” and stressing that he’s “not for amnesty,” before arguing that a “balance” needs to be struck: “We’re a country both of immigrants and of laws. We can’t ignore the laws in this country. We can’t ignore the people who’ve come in [illegally].”

At this point, Raddatz cut in, and asked him even more directly: “Is deporting them possible? Can you see deporting 11 million people?”

This appeared to trip Walker up. “That’s not what I’m advocating as well,” he responded.

“You’re not advocating it [deportation]?” Raddatz asked. 

“I’m saying that in the end, we need to enforce the laws of the United States and we need to find a way for people to have a legitimate, legal immigration system in this country, and that doesn’t mean amnesty,” Walker replied.