Survey: The world's most admired people

Around the world Bill Gates is the most admired man, just beating Barack Obama into second place. Chinese President Xi Jinping comes in third, ahead of Jackie Chan, the most admired entertainer in the world. Angelina Jolie, actress and campaigner for global issues, is the most admired woman in the world, followed by the Pakistani schoolchild, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and education campaigner Malala Yousafzai. Hillary Clinton comes in third. 

Hillary Clinton appears in the top ten most admired women in ten of the countries polled, including India (4th), Nigeria (5th), France (8th) and Britain (9th). In addition to being America’s most admired woman, she is the second most admired woman in China. Even in Russia the former American Secretary of State is the 15th most admired woman. As former American Secretary of State she arguably had a greater global profile than any other American politician except Barack Obama, though John Kerry is absent from the list of most admired people, either in the US or internationally.