Jeb Bush admits to smoking pot

In a new Boston Globe article, Michael Kranish describes Jeb Bush’s four years at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, during which he “smoked a notable amount of pot,” according to his classmates. Bush’s classmates also told the Globe that he “sometimes bullied smaller students.”

In addition to smoking pot, Bush’s classmates told the Globe that he wasn’t particularly interested in politics at the time. Bush apparently “refused to join the Progressive Andover Republicans club and often declined even to participate in informal bull sessions with classmates.”

“I drank alcohol and I smoked marijuana when I was at Andover,” Bush said. “It was pretty common.” Peter Tibbetts, one of Bush’s early friends, told the Globe that he smoked hash with Bush and was with him the first time he “got really stoned.” As for the reports of bullying, Bush told the Globe that “it was 44 years ago, and it is not possible for me to remember.”