Charlie Hebdo delays next two issues because staff isn't ready

The French magazine that published satirical cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad and was attacked by militants more than three weeks ago has delayed publication of its next two issues because staff are grieving and exhausted, a spokeswoman said. Charlie Hebdo cartoonists and writers “are not ready — they need some time, need to consult, need to settle in,” Appoline Thomasset of Majorelle PR & Events, which represents the magazine, said on Saturday.

The Jan. 7 attacks left 12 dead at the magazine and terrorized France. Charlie Hebdo’s one post-attack publication depicting a weeping Muhammad on the cover sold millions of copies. A normal run for the magazine was previously about 50,000 copies. The editorial team are grieving, tired, have been overexposed to the media and need time, French newspaper Le Parisien quoted Anne Hommel, the publication’s publicist.