Will any Republican governors stand up to ObamaCare?

Democrats have worked to strip out the free-market aspects of Medicare Part D ever since. They’ve proposed drug price controls and gone after Medicare Advantage. And few would still argue that No Child Left Behind was a conservative reform.

Now Pence has made Indiana the 28th state to sign onto a version of Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, contributing to a $920 billion price tag over the next decade. What are the odds that his plan will be pushed to the left rather than pushing traditional Medicaid to the right?

As the Washington Examiner’s Phil Klein pointed out, “the Obama administration is playing the long game, realizing that if it keeps adding beneficiaries to the books, big government liberalism wins.”

This isn’t just an ideological point. Medicaid is a terrible program that is bleeding state budgets and producing bad health care outcomes for the people its supposed to help.