The Scott Walker racial Rorschach test

Walker, Bouie argues, “was born in” and “molded” by a “world of racially polarized politics. As MacGillis notes, Walker’s home turf of metropolitan Milwaukee is home to ‘profound racial inequality, extreme political segregation, [and] a parallel-universe news media,’ trends that predate Walker, ‘but have enabled his ascent.’”

Um. Okay. Seriously, guys? Milwaukee has been run by Democrats for more than 100 years, with an occasional Socialist thrown in for good measure. But Walker, by merit of being a white GOP rising star, is “toxic” because of that town’s racial and political mire? When I brought this point up to Bouie, he called it a “non-sequitur.” This is disappointing, because it’s an important connection to understand if you’re serious about racial and social justice.

Is it not relevant that the “toxic” racial environment you’re accusing Walker of manipulating has been overwhelmingly managed and overseen by the left-leaning political party that you support? Does it not cause some cognitive dissonance that Walker is attempting to enact policies that directly rebuke the ones that have coincided with and perhaps exacerbated this terrible state of affairs? Could it be that failing schools, segregation, and lower social mobility might have something to do with the long-standing, long-powerful, and corrupt machine that Walker is attempting to dismantle?