Hostility to tradition

Where RFRA once had bipartisan support, it is now opposed by the left. Compounding the problem is the march for gay marriage. In multiple states around the country, gay activists have tried to force Christian bakers, florists, photographers, wedding planners, and others to provide goods and services against their religious convictions to gay weddings. In states without RFRA, the Christians who have refused have been dragged before courts and punished. Some will be driven from business.

Liberals were happy with religious conviction when it allowed drug use. Now that it is being used by Christians to not pay for abortions or provide goods and services to gay marriages, the law is an abomination. Michigan’s legislature is considering enacting RFRA. A local CBS affiliate ran an actual, legitimate news story that doctors “and emergency medical technicians legally refuse to give life saving assistance to a gay person.” That is absolutely not true.

In Georgia, also considering enacting RFRA, Christian lawmakers are being accused by gay rights activists of being on the side of child and spousal abusers. Their argument is that child and spousal abusers could hide behind RFRA claiming it was their sincere religious conviction to abuse their children and spouses.