Give Sarah Palin a break

Maybe there’s some truth to the commentary. Palin could be rusty from being out of direct political matters. Perhaps her fiery rhetoric does have a shelf life or needs to be modulated as the 2016 presidential race draws near. And her decision to quit as Alaska’s governor remains a key stumbling block for any major aspirations.

Still, her bond with Tea Party members is undeniable. She’s fought hard for GOP candidates over the past few years and is willing to counter-punch when attacked unfairly from the Left. Other GOP members often slink away and accept the faulty premise at work.

She also is known for her swift social media retorts. That matters at a time when a well-timed quip can go viral, and the GOP needs all the social media warriors it can snare.

Surely those measures, plus an understanding of how brutal mainstream reporters have been to her through the years, should earn her a bit more support among conservative outlets.

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