Democrats facing 2016 debate dilemma

Hillary Clinton’s candidacy looks to be a near-certainty at this point, but what’s less clear is which of her potential opponents will actually decide to run. Vice President Joe Biden, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, former Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia, and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont have all expressed interest in the race; progressive supporters of Elizabeth Warren are hoping to pull the first-term senator from Massachusetts into the race as well, but thus far she’s shown no interest.

Republicans announced a tentative debate schedule earlier this month for the 2016 primary, beginning with an August event in Ohio.

Depending on how the field shapes up, Clinton could be in a tough spot either way when it comes to debates. On one hand, if she faces a field with minimal opposition—with only one lesser-known candidate, such as Sanders or Webb—her campaign, and the TV networks, might be less interested in organizing that face-off than they would with a bigger field.