What to watch in the GOP Jockeying for 2016

Members of the second group aren’t as well-known but have positive images. In the CBS survey 26% said Florida Sen. should run, 19% said he shouldn’t and 54% said they don’t know. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker ’s numbers were 22% yes, 12% no and 64% don’t know; Dr. Ben Carson ’s numbers were 21%, 17% and 61%. All three must work to increase awareness of their backgrounds, records and views.

The third group consists of people whose images are underwater with Republicans. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was at 30% should run to 59% don’t, and 11% don’t know. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was at 29% run, 44% don’t and 26% don’t know. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul was at 27% to 34% with 38% don’t know. If this poll is accurate, these three must rehabilitate their images.

Finally there are Republicans whose poll numbers were upside down but about whom many or most voters don’t know enough to say. Texas Gov. Rick Perry (21% run, 32% don’t and 47% don’t know), Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (21%, 25% and 53%), Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (14%, 20% and 65%) and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum (19%, 29% and 51%). These candidates must raise enough money to stay alive until the early contests and then beat expectations, or they will fade.

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