Any other women feel like swearing at Huckabee?

But rather than criticize Huckabee, conservative columnists are defending him. They’re saying, “He didn’t say it was trashy for women, he just said it was trashy for everyone!” Actually, it should be clear to anyone who speaks English that Huckabee’s comment was much more inflammatory than that.

If Huckabee wanted to say it was trashy for everyone, and not different for different genders, he would not have brought up the different genders! But he did. Our country has gone so down the drain that not only are men swearing at work, but women are, too! He made it very clear that he believes there is a distinction by making one.

Oh, and by the way: Even if he had simply called out swearing as “trashy” in general, that would still be a problem. Because not only is the GOP slammed as The Sexist Party, it’s also slammed as the Party of Judgies — the mean old party that doesn’t accept you for you. A great way to make that worse would be to call something like swearing — which I’m pretty sure everyone has done at least once — “trashy.” Great way to alienate people. And for what?