Poll: Large majority of Americans oppose Obama’s immigration actions

A new poll conducted by Paragon Insights finds that 58 percent of registered voters oppose the president’s actions to block the deportation of up to 4 million immigrants in the country illegally, compared with 36 percent who support it. As the pollster notes, the question does not mention the White House’s decision to bypass Congress, but solely focuses on the president’s policy by asking, “Do you support or oppose Obama’s executive action?”

Among blue-collar workers, 62 percent oppose it, while 32 percent support it, a nearly two-to-one margin. That includes 47 percent of blue-collar workers who “strongly oppose” the executive action.

While a majority of liberals support the president’s executive action and a majority of conservatives oppose it, as one would expect, a majority of moderates also oppose it – by 50 percent versus 39 percent who support it. Additionally, among people who do not support the tea-party movement, more disagree with the president on this issue than agree with him (49 percent to 43 percent).