George Pataki may be running the saddest campaign for president

“Who’s George Pataki?” you might ask, if you’re under 30. Don’t let anyone hold your ignorance against you. George Pataki, a moderate Republican who favored stricter gun control laws and abortion rights, served three terms as governor of New York. Since then, he has busied himself with pondering White House bids and launching the George E. Pataki Leadership and Learning Center. He also joined the Chadbourne and Parke law firm, and co-founded a consulting practice, the Pataki-Cahill Group.

The George E. Pataki Leadership and Learning Center recently closed its brick-and-mortar location due to lack of interest.

Every four years, the former governor floats that he might answer the call to serve his country if such a call comes, and every four years people sort of squint and shrug. His overtures fail to inspire the hair-pulling rage that Sarah Palin’s name generates, and he’s never had the cartoon-twirly-eyed devotion that Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul managed to snag. This hasn’t kept him from looking for ways to flex his GOP-cred before early–primary state notables, which is what he would have done in New Hampshire this week had the blizzard not forced him to cancel his travel plans.