The speech Netanyahu should give to Congress

No—I am here to ask merely that America be what America is: the leader of the free world.

Last year, another leader stood before you and said: “Democracies must support each other. They must show solidarity in the face of aggression and adversity. Otherwise, they will be eliminated–one by one.”


I am here to reiterate that message, and to ask you to stand with us once again, as you always have done.

The relationship between our two countries is not a partisan issue. But to create an artificial divide between us is to invite aggression and terror against both of us.

The State of Israel can defend itself. And we will. Yet we know that we are but the front line in a global conflict.

We can defend Tel Aviv ourselves, but we cannot defend Charlie Hebdo for France.

It is time for the whole free world to stand up against radical Islam and the Iranian regime, for the sake of our common humanity.

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