It's come to this: Indiana Jones reboot in the works?

The Mouse House’s current top pick for the new Dr. Henry Jones (Jr.) is said to be Chris Pratt – surprising no one, seeing as many a fan has already nominated the beloved Parks and Recreation and Guardians of the Galaxy star to take over as Indy. Indeed, Pratt is the man of the hour, as he’ll be starring in this June’s Jurassic Park sequel/reboot Jurassic World and is expected to begin filming The Magnificent Seven – a remake of the classic western costarring Denzel Washington – sometime this spring.

Pratt was even approached to play the Indiana Jones-esque Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie last year, but passed on the role. However, he might already be committed to so many other projects for the next few years (including Guardians of the Galaxy 2) that he simply won’t have time to headline an Indiana Jones reboot. Still, were that not the case, he would be a fine pick to takeover as the smart, cocky, globe-trotting adventurer.