Rand Paul spars with Rubio and Cruz over foreign policy at event

Cruz countered with “a very different perspective,” saying that Obama was repeating Bill Clinton’s mistakes in allowing the North Koreans to obtain a nuclear weapon, right down to using the same lead negotiator with Iran whom Clinton tapped for North Korea.

“The problem with Iran is that Khameini and the mullahs are radical religious Islamic nutcases,” he said. “If Iran ever acquired nuclear weapons, I think the odds are unacceptably high that it would use those nuclear weapons either in the skies of Tel Aviv or New York or Los Angeles.”

When Karl interjected that Paul didn’t support Iran having weapons, simply negotiating with them, Cruz countered that “this is the worst negotiation in the history of mankind” because Obama eased sanctions before getting any compliance from Iran.

“We have to think about what really are the practical results of not negotiating,” Paul said, reminding Cruz that military action

Rubio concurred with Cruz, saying that Iran’s theology militates toward world cataclysm and that Iran is using negotiations to buy time to develop a program.

Update (AP): I mistakenly thought the event had been held in Florida. I’ve removed that from the headline.