Netanyahu defends Congress trip: I'll go anywhere to defend Israel

“In the coming weeks, the major powers are liable to reach a framework agreement with Iran, an agreement that is liable to leave Iran as a nuclear threshold state, which would endanger – first and foremost – the existence of the State of Israel,” Netanyahu warned as he began the meeting.

“This is the same Iran that has taken over Lebanon and Syria and is now taking over Yemen and Iraq. This is the same Iran that is preparing an active front against us both on the Golan Heights and in southern Lebanon. This same Iran cannot advance toward nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu stressed. 

Netanyahu continued by stating his “obligation as Prime Minister of Israel” to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapon capability “that would be aimed at the State of Israel.” 

“This effort is worldwide and I will go anywhere I am invited in order to enunciate the State of Israel’s position and in order to defend its future and its existence,” he stated, with a not so subtle jab at Israeli and international critics of his upcoming speech at the United States Congress.