Inflating the bottom line: How businesses are using Deflategate as an opportunity

Not just local businesses but national brands who pitch their “softness” — like Charmin toilet paper and Downy laundry fabric softener — have latched onto #DeflateGate on Twitter with tweets aimed at linking their brand of soft to the softly-pressurized footballs Patriots quarterback Tom Brady allegedly got for the Colts tilt.

“There’s a ton of upside if you can do it right — but there’s also a ton of risk if you don’t do it right, and it’s really hard to do it right,” said Eric Fulwiler, director of social media for Boston advertising agency Mullen.

Fulwiler said he had “had this conversation with a bunch of clients” about how, if at all, they should try to get their brands into the unceasing DeflateGate conversation “You know people are talking about it,” Fulwiler said. “But do you have a part, do you have a purpose, do you have a right to contribute to it as a brand?”