What a 1951 photo tells us about modern women's loss of power

There is something interesting about a world where a young woman traveling alone feels empowered as she walks through a crowd of men “appreciating” her (or “street harassing” her, if you prefer) and one where a woman feels victimized. Certainly there are actions that are straight up harassment but much of what happens in street interactions is something much grayer. Is it better to teach women to feel victimized by such behavior or empowered by it?

One of the things missing from the conversation about the viral street harassment video is the fact that women have — or used to have, at least — quite a bit of sexual power. As sexual mores change radically, that sexual power seems to have diminished even as we’re told that the opposite has taken place.

Craig’s interview ends with the then 83-year-old her saying, “My life has been wonderful. I’m ready for more.” That’s a fierceness and a vitality that seems to be missing from our modern grievance culture.