Some tea party groups that aired ads during primaries have sat out the general election

It also underscores the lingering hostility between national conservative groups — particularly the Senate Conservatives Fund — and GOP leaders in Washington, a sign that the battle will once again be renewed after the elections and as the 2016 presidential race kicks into gear.

Some of these outside groups, like the Senate Conservatives Fund and the Club for Growth, have opted instead to bundle several hundred thousand dollars from their donors to a handful of Senate GOP nominees. They argue that it makes little sense to advertise late in the campaign season when TV stations charge higher rates to outside groups…

“Fortunately, the D.C. purity-for-profit groups are a distinct minority compared to the conservative grass-roots voters across the country who are working hard to hold the Democrats accountable and win back a Senate majority,” said Brian Walsh, a Republican consultant and former spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Drawing the most GOP ire by far is the Senate Conservatives Fund, the group founded by former Sen. Jim DeMint and now run by ex-Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.