Poll: Americans' fears about Ebola are fading

Overall, Obama receives more positive than negative marks for handling the federal government’s response to Ebola. Forty-nine percent approve while 41 percent disapprove of his actions, a noticeable improvement from a Post-ABC poll two weeks ago. Obama owes his improved marks to higher ratings among fellow Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents, while disapproval has crept up 11 points among Republicans over the same period.
Public polls have found differing levels of support for restricting travel from countries affected by Ebola outbreaks. In the Post-ABC poll, 7 in 10 respondents support restricting travel from countries affected by Ebola, while a quarter of people are opposed to such measures. But a separate CNN-ORC poll released earlier this week found that a similar majority of people prefer enhanced airport screening and quarantine protocols for potentially infected travelers rather than an outright travel ban.

While personal worries about an Ebola infection or a larger outbreak in the United States persist, they have eased in the past two weeks amid constant reminders from health officials about the unlikelihood of widespread transmission and the fact that the handful of U.S. cases have occurred only among people who have treated Ebola patients.