White House has hindered us, not helped, say Dems

“Sometimes the best strategy is to get out of the way [since] a Democratic president is almost always going to be a liability for Democrats running in red states,” she said.

Setzer added that even the relatively mild degree to which Obama has gotten involved has complicated matters for candidates in tight races such as Sen. Kay Hagan (D-N.C.). 

“That’s why it’s puzzling — and to the Kay Hagans of the world, infuriating — the number of times President Obama has stepped in it, repeatedly reminding voters that a vote for Hagan is a vote for Obama’s policies,” Setzer said. 

One Democratic aide who has been involved in a tight race for much of the cycle agreed. This source said that Obama’s propensity to declare that his policies are on the ballot next Tuesday has amounted to “a major hit against Democrats fighting to stay alive.”