The strategy behind the Chris Christie/Scott Walker phony war

That seemed to sync up with his message, that Burke was a pawn of outsiders, and that he–an incumbent with a national donor network–was the underdog. (When I asked if the RGA was a Washington special interest, Walker brushed me back: “They’re governors. They’re states.”)

Politico’s Alex Burns caught up with Walker at another stop and where a more pointed question was asked, about Christie himself. After President Barack Obama’s visit to Wisconsin was announced (he’s in Milwaukee on Tuesday), the RGA let slip that New Jersey’s governor would stump for Walker, again. “[Christie] is coming because he asked if he could come and we weren’t going to say no,” Walker said. “But we’re not looking for surrogates.”

The headline bestowed upon that story: “Scott Walker to Chris Christie: Thanks for nothing.” The idea that Christie and Walker are now at war, and that the governor of New Jersey (you know what those people are like) is selecting just the right knife to put in Walker’s back, is just irresistible. Walker could knock it down, but he prefers to keep it going.