In bizarre new video, ISIS hostage gives tour of Kobani

The video also takes aim at a different target: Although previous videos appeared designed to criticize Western military action against the Islamic State, this time the main target appears to be Western media and their coverage of the situation in Kobane, where the Islamic State has battled for control against Kurdish militias.

The video begins with an aerial shot of Kobane purportedly shot by a “drone of the Islamic State army,” before apparently showing Cantlie walking in what he describes as the “so-called PKK safe zone.” (PKK refers to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.) Cantlie says the area is now controlled by the Islamic State, and he goes on to call Western media’s reporting on Kobane inaccurate.

The British hostage specifically singles out reporting by the International Business Times, the BBC and the Independent’s Patrick Cockburn. Cantlie argues that no Western reporters are in the city and thus are receiving their news only from “Kurdish commanders and White House press secretaries.”