Shame on Monica Lewinsky

Lewinsky’s new cyberbullying angle is inspired: A significant number of Hollywood liberals must live in terror of unflattering/undressed photos of them getting out online.

But while Lewinsky grabs some TV time talking about her own liberties, she forgets those of her fellow sisters — the mistreated wives. Imagine that your husband was caught cheating and the contents of your marriage were discussed every night on television. Would you feel happy about his mistress reappearing 16 years later to drag the whole thing up again, and even to play the victim? Does Hillary Clinton not have a right to put this scandal behind her and have a political identity separate from her husband’s?

Lewinsky says that she wants to take on the “shame game.” But what she did all those years ago and what she’s doing now makes her a perfect candidate for a good, old-fashioned shaming.