Jeb Hensarling: GOP Congress should massively increase number of guest workers

Hensarling, the House Financial Services Committee Chair whom the pro-amnesty Wall Street Journal touted as the “leading candidate to eventually succeed John Boehner as Speaker,” would “like to see immigration reform that allows more H-1B visas for high-tech workers and also creates a ‘vibrant guest-worker program’ for low-skill workers who want to come here to work in agriculture.” The Journal also noted that Hensarling “believes a good guest-worker program is a form of border security because it allows law enforcement to focus on catching criminals and terrorists: ‘Less hay to find the needles.'” He doesn’t think a “physical wall” is needed “over the entire length of the border.” 

Hensarling, according to the Journal, also “thinks a GOP Congress would still be able to move piecemeal immigration reform” passed. The Journal refers refers to illegal immigrants who should be “liberated” from the enforcement bureaucracy as those “crossing America’s southern border to make an honest living in the U.S.”